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Lighting Product

BrightCell & BrightCell Air

The initial design was a normal model and in 2023, it made changes in its appearance, manifest and added value. For example, becoming smart and being able to install ceilings and walls, and most importantly air purification.


Hamed Mahzoon , Sana JafariSharif



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What is the product of BrightCell Air ?

Increase the Oxygen in your home! BrightCell Air is a chandelier that comes out of a human, somewhere in all the arteries of the body. A smart chandelier that is also an air purifier! available in both ceiling and wall light modes. The main part of the chandelier consists of two layers, the outer layer is made of glass crystal and the inner layer is made of opal white frosted glass. Through the reflection of light in the second layer, the darkness of the glass is seen and shines and relaxing effect. And through the application, you can completely customize the air purifier chandelier.

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Appreciation of red blood cells, which are responsible for transporting oxygen, we have tried to use the form of red blood cells and refer to the transfer of oxygen in the home environment.

Through the reflection of light in the second layer, the darkness of the glass is seen and shines, creating a beautiful and relaxing effect.

The design of a lighting that is minimal and the transparency of glass and its interaction with light has been studied in various sources. The tonality of light that flows slowly from the center to the environment.

A' Design Award

Bronze A’ Design Award Winner for Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Category in 2021-2022


GOLD IDA Award Winner for Home-Home: Lighting Indoor Category in 2023


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