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Single Sofa

Crown Shell

The sofa is very soft and comfortable and provides comfort and induction for you and induces a sense of power.


Hamed Mahzoon , Sana JafariSharif



What is the product of Crown Shell ?

The essence of this name comes from power and its form, which at the same time provides a feeling of comfort. An identity that comes from the heart of a seashell. With its rotating shape and holding position, it satisfies the users sense of calm, security, harmony and beauty, and values the users feelings. Crown shell is a comfortable and stylish sofa designed with circle black anodized metal and crimson velvet that gives beauty to the space.

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Shows the most unique design features in its integrity, stitching, texture and color. Ergonomics and comfort are created and the rotating form is one of the decorative elements of the crown shell, which maintains the geometry of the oyster in the form of strength and immortality.

Form and comfort challenge and the circle around the sofa is designed to reach the floor. In fact it is connected from the bottom to the sole and from the top to the sofa. Create visual beauty for the environment.

The concept used was form-shaped and had a sense of power so that the black ring around it had no contact with the ground, and according to the form, it turns it into a unique product and its eye-catching lines win the user’s heart.

A' Design Award

Bronze A’ Design Award Winner for Furniture Design Category in 2021-2022

C-IDEA Award

Selected C-IDEA Design Award Winner for Industrial Design Category in 2021

IDA Award

Honorable Mention IDA Award Winner for Home Interior Products Category in 2021

Feeel Prize Award

Finalist Feeel Prize Award Winner for Furniture Category in 2021

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